How To Use Chipotle Gift Card Online To Buy The Items On The Menu

Treat your gift card like cash, which you can only use for shopping at Chipotle restaurants.

You cannot exchange for cash except in cases by law. If requested, it will be converted to currency if the balance due is less than $10.00.

Similarly, you cannot use it to purchase other Chipotle gift cards. Likewise, you do not have resale authorization.

If you actually buy this Card from a retailer, do so at your own risk, as the retailer’s Card may not be worth it.

How To Use Chipotle Gift Card Online

Chipotle is not responsible for any use of this Card without permission. Except under certain circumstances, if the Card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you cannot change the value. By using this Card, you agree to these Terms of Use. And it is only available in the United States.

To use the Card online, simply go to the website and order your items. When it comes time to pay, choose the gift card option in the shopping cart and enter the Card and pin for payment.

About Chipotle Restaurant

In 1993, classic-trained chef Steve Ells (American Culinary Institute) founded Chipotle Mexican Grill. Everything about him is based on the use of high-quality ingredients and classic cooking techniques.

Today, Chipotle has more than 2,000 restaurants, offering you incredibly delicious burritos, tacos, a bowl of a burrito (a burrito without the tortilla), salad, and the best crispy fries. Give your friends and family a Chipotle gift voucher at any time, and make sure you have it too.

Some of the common questions and answers on how to use the chipotle gift card online

What is a Chipotle Gift Card?

Chipotle gift cards are preloadable plastic or digital gift cards (also known as eGift Cards) of monetary value.

You can buy the gift card online or at a participating restaurant, and you can use it to order food at Chipotle or

Who can purchase Chipotle gift cards?

US residents who are over 18 with a valid credit card can place an order from You have to remember numerous gift card orders through the company website. Please note that the company cannot accept orders from abroad.

How is a Chipotle electronic gift card different from a Chipotle plastic gift card?

A Chipotle Plastic Gift Card is a physical gift card that is sent to the recipient. Chipotle e-gift cards are sent by email, and you can be print them, use it online, or view them on the store’s mobile devices (in some stores).

Neither plastic cards nor eGift cards have a debit or expiration date and can be used online at

Where can I use my Chipotle e-gift Card?

Chipotle eGift Cards can be for goods and services online at and in any Chipotle store.

Can I have others use my Chipotle e-gift Card?

Yes. As with plastic gift cards, you do not need to provide identification to use the eGift Card.

When does the Chipotle eGift Card expire? Is there a charge on the voucher?

Most merchant cards don’t have an expiration date or commission. However, every seller is different, so please refer to Chipotle’s specific terms of use on this page just below the card image.

Is there a USD limit for Chipotle gift cards?

Depending on the merchant, you can buy gift cards in a range of $ 10 to $ 500.

What actual payment methods can I use to purchase a Chipotle Gift Card?

You can use most of the top credit cards available, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards registered at US addresses. Moreover,  they currently do not accept orders from abroad.

Is there a charge for the Chipotle e-gift Card?

Actually, all you do is pay the face value of your Chipotle gift card. If you choose a plastic Chipotle card, the shipping cost is also the lowest.

Where do you ship your Chipotle gift card?

Plastic gift cards can be sent to a valid address in the United States. We accept orders from American Military Delivery Address (APO), but gift cards can only go to US residents. Furthermore, the company does not accept international orders.

How will my Chipotle eGift Card be shipped?

The shipping methods for Chipotle gift cards are as follows:

  • Recipients will receive an email from with a selected message, video, or image (if used) and a link to the eGift Card.
  • Besides, by clicking on the link, the recipient will be sent to the eGift Card. You can print this Card, use it online, or shown to a store employee at checkout.
  • Moreover, in some cases, merchants may specify that they must use their eGift Card online. For specific steps, please see the redemption instructions on this page just below the card image.
  • You will also receive a confirmation email. If the recipient did not receive the merchant’s eGift Card, ask the recipient to check their email and SPAM or promotional folders or automatic filters from
  • Suppose you don’t get the eGift Card within 24 hours, please contact customer service. If you need immediate assistance, please provide your invoice number and recipient email address before contacting us.

What would be the time frame to get my Chipotle eGift Card?

It may take up to 24 business hours from the date of purchase until you see your order and eGift sent. If you specify a future delivery date, the eGift will be there on that date.

How can you actually check the balance of my Chipotle gift card?

Can I top up the eGift Card after using all the available balance?

Most merchant gift cards do not have a reload option. Besides, after the card balance is over, the Card becomes invalid. However, it’s a good idea to keep the gift card until you don’t need it anymore.


You can easily use the chipotle gift online by visiting the site and giving your order. Moreover, you can get your food to your doorstep with food delivery options without leaving the house.

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